Merdi Sihombing Foundation (MSF) was founded in April 29th, 2016 and head-quartered in Samosir, North Sumatera.

As a sociopreneur based organization, we thrive to encourage all stakeholders to adopt sustainable business concept exclusively in fashion industry.

We Build The Community

MSF strives to provide capacity buildings for local craftsmen and also reignite local youth spirit to conserve and encourage local creative economy. Hopefully, in the future, they can be self-sufficient and expected to raise their own livelihood in rural area. Followings are some activities carried out by MSF, such as Training and Mentoring through the Live-In Designer program, Weaving Center, Show Case, and Eco Fashion Indonesia for promotion and marketing.

Header Image About Merdi Sihombing

Eco Fashion Week Indonesia 2018 was first held at the Stovia Building, Jakarta in 2018, an initiative of Eco Fashion Indonesia. A movement initiated by, Merdi Sihombing, Rita Darwis, and Myra Suraryo, is committed to preserving national culture, protecting indigenous peoples of Indonesia, preserving Indonesia’s natural preservation.

Eco Fashion Indonesia starts an integrated movement that represents all things “eco”, “ethical“, “green“, “sustain” and aims to advocate the principles of sustainable fashion in Indonesia, by carrying out the values of the fashion industry which includes Indonesian fashion products with competitive quality, processed

through a production process that does not harm the environment, distributed at affordable prices for consumers, provides fair conditions for producers and workers, transparent business processes, preservation of natural resources and cultural traditions, translates sustainable cultural preservation by marrying cultural values into modern clothing and today’s lifestyles rather than producing “traditional clothing”, continue to promote and bring Indonesian fashion & culture to the world to then bring back the flow of world demand for Indonesian fashion products, and in the long run make a significant contribution towards the growth of Indonesia’s regional and national economy through the creative economy sector, fashion & craft sub-sector.

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Vision / Mission / Value We Deliver Value to the World.

As a sociopreneur based organization, we thrive to encourage all stakeholders to adopt sustainable business concept exclusively in fashion industry.


Vibrant craftmen communities that nurture the environment and passionate towards cultural heritage.


• To facilitate active environmental friendly learning process among craftmen communities.
• To bridge and provide open access among various fashion industry stakeholders, in order to promote equality and encourage creative circular economy.
• To build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use socio-preneur to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.


• Customer Commitment
Develop relationships that make a positive difference
in our customers lives.
• Quality & Authenthicity
Provide outstanding products and unsurpassed service.
• Integrity
Uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions.
• Team Work
We work together as a team.
• Respect for People
We highly value our people.
• Active Citizen
In the communities in which we live and work.
• Persistence
We exhibit a strong will to win in the marketplace.
• Accountability
We deliver our commitment.

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